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LIC New Money Back Policy

LIC has come up with its extensive range of policies that are known to be the Best LIC Money Back Policies in today's ever evolving financial market. These schemes are extremely popular nowadays, which facilitate you to receive periodic payments during the tenure of your policy. Let's discuss about some of these policies that are designed to keep your financial liquidity in flow.

LIC New Money Back Policy for 20 years lets you enjoy 20% of sum assured after every fifth, tenth, and fifteenth year of the policy. And, on the twentieth year, it provides you the accrued bonus along with 40% of policy's balance. On the contrary, you can also opt for LIC New Money Back policy for 25 years, which enables you to get 15% of sum assured amount in four installments that occur on every fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth year of your policy. And, rest of the balance, which is 40% of the sum assured and accrued bonus, is provided on the twenty fifth year. That's not all! These plans also cover death claim during the tenure of policy, which includes the full sum assured amount. In the event of death of the policy holder, his or her nominees receive the sum assured amount of the respective policy. You can select the type of money back policy as per your financial requirements, and this decision can be taken through the advice of any registered insurance agent too. But, if you need to ascertain your policy's premium amount due to some reason, then you can make use of LIC New Money Back Policy Premium Calculator, which is available on LIC's official web site.

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